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Belinda and I first met in 2002, when I hired her to work with me at ABC Bartending School. It was "love at first sight" and the 2 of us have been Besties ever since. For years we have talked about going into business together. One idea after another, she would look at me and say ok, whenever you're ready. After years of throwing our own fabulous "theme" parties, she started helping one friend after another put together a few weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers. After we planned and coordinated my 50th Birthday party, we knew the time was finally right. One Friday night in March 2018, B Squared Prodcutions, Inc. became a reality!!!

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We Make Magic Happen!!

Attention to Detail
All clients get individualized special attention
You Need Things Done … We Make Things Happen
The very best and unique personal service
25+ Years Experience in the Hospitality Industry
Notary Public, State of Florida to Officiate Weddings

We bring your vision to Life, Bigger and Better than you Imagined!

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Dont know what you're looking for? You know what you want but you dont know where to begin? Feeling uninspired? You Want Things Done ... We Make Things Happen!!! No Budget is too Small or Large!! Give us a Realistic budget we'll help bring your event to life!! #BYou BExtra #BSquared #ItsCool2BSqaured

#BYou #BExtra #BSquared

You Need Things Done ... We Make things Happen!

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